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Manhattan Rendezvous traces the romantic life of Janae Robinson, a talented and stunningly beautiful photographer and aspiring novelist who moves to New York City to start a new life and escape a painful relationship with the man she has left behind in Biloxi.

Still reveling in the fabulous career opportunity that brought her to Manhattan, Janae meets the handsome and seductive Bernard Calloway, a civil right attorney. Their attraction and emotional connection quickly changes both of their lives. Their happiness, however, is threatened by the presence of another woman and Janae’s past experiences. Janae throws her passion into writing while trying to forget the man who has stolen her heart, but Bernard is determined to show her love in a way she has never before seen.

Filled with lush romance and emotion, Manhattan Rendezvous offers an intriguing and engrossing story of two strong and passionate people who struggle to overcome the obstacles that arise between them and to cling to the one thing that means the world to them: each other.